Hi guys.

In 2014, I entered Universiti Sains Malaysia for Degree. That that i was happy because i can learn something in Apex university .But the course that I get is Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Modeling then that time I wondered ‘What is a Mathematical Modeling?’ yet I thought that not only me get this problem. After 1 semester, I search the meaning of mathematical modeling that rare for me and I get the answer.

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Basic, mathematical modeling is a description of a system using mathematical concepts and language. Mathematical modeling always connect to society. Why? It is because mathematical modelling used to solve a real-world problem.

Mathematical modeling can solve for all problem such as in:

  1. Physic:

we use mathematics to model the problem in physic such as problem with motion of car, electric problem in our resident, problem with cellular wave aka telcom problem, problem with a build the nuclear generator.



Use mathematics to solve the growth of animal and plant to balance ecosystem, decreases the diseases in our community, the growth of our cell.


3. Earth science (geogarfi)

Use mathematics to solve problem such as detect the magnitude of earthquake, seach how landslide can be happen, calculate the motion and velocity of storm, pollution on our earth.

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4. Computer

Use mathematics to create good artificial intelligence, make system to useful for society, increases the security of system.

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5. Economics

Use mathematics to create strategy to increase income and continuous the business, find out how some organisation get backrup or corruption, how to attract customer to buy their service.


6. Sociology

Use mathematics to solve the immigration problem, then the rate of birth cannot cover the rate of death, decreases the criminal and social problem.

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7. Design

Use mathematics to design/model anything such as house, building, cars, landscape, airplane.

download (1).jpg

8. Political Science

hmm……. I don’t want to explain this section.

Now, I will show how mathematical modelling can solve the problem.



So, you don’t worry if you get mathematical modelling course because its looked fun and we can use it to help the society problem for good future. That is all for today

After this i want eat cendol sepuas-puasnya. hahahaha ini semua cendol.


By: Pakwan Punya


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